Oct 012011

Welcome from Gary and Bua.

We believe we have created a unique destination in Krabi.
It was a long time in planning and construction but now in September 2011 The Frog and Catfish Restaurant and Country Inn at Din Daeng Noi in Krabi is open!

Whether you are eating at the restaurant or staying in one of our rooms you can be assured of the highest levels of service.

We live here and we are passionate about where we live. Krabi is a beautiful province in Southern Thailand and the area around Din Daeng Noi is ideal for anyone that wishes to explore this part of the world with the ‘locals’, not other overseas visitors.

Our business endeavours to support the local economy by buying restaurant supplies locally; all of our seafood comes direct from the local fishermen and our vegetables come from local farmers. Buying this way not only guarantees freshness but by cutting out the supermarkets, and associated transport, we support our community and pass the savings on to our customers.

We also promote services and tours operated by the local villagers. Many of whom have experience from working in business in the nearby established tourist areas.

The Frog and Catfish is a meeting point of East and West, Thailand hospitality and European business acumen.

In the restaurant we are proud to attract the local Thai and expatriate communities.

Come and see for yourself we guarantee you a memorable time.

Bua came to Din Daeng Noi many years ago and is an active member of the community and very much the driving force behind the construction of The Frog and Catfish facilities. All of the wooden furniture and salas, the decking and the ornate bridge were handbuilt by Bua.
The organisation of the kitchen, the menus, the accommodation and the happy, happy staff is a testament to Bua’s
generosity of spirit, delivering the highest standards of service.

Gary, originally from the UK, has spent over 17 years at the top-tier of offshore tax and financial planning for Western clients based in Asia.  Working as a financial adviser for OFS World Net in 2000 Gary received the award for the Top Business Producer of more than 400 consultants, this would rank him in the top 5% of financial planners in the World.

Since then Gary has built up his own independent financial consulting company and developed a software application for planning the most efficient investments for offshore investors.

You can benefit from Gary’s knowledge and experience at The Frog and Catfish in Krabi, Thailand.
See the section on Financial Training Courses to find out more.